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Custom firmware for Exodux box  



Can you provide a custom firmware includding some apps preinstalled?

I plan moving to your box, but while waiting for ExoTv I have to continue using the current one.

Also the boot logo if possible.

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As murazic said, yes, we can do it under certain conditions. Good to know you are in touch with the correct department.

Yes, we are talking right now. Hope can get some samples soon.

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I received EX5 samples days ago. They sent customized firmware as requested (of course, we are a company and plan to purchase certain qty).

Installed several apk, replaced boot logo (it is going to be OEM product), model name... everything seems ok.


Thanks for your response. I already contacted their team and they are going to send me some info about this.

I'm not fat, I'm easy to see


We also requested a customized firmware including our APP preinstalled. They said it is ok, so I am waiting now to receive the first samples and start working on the project we have. Of course you need to buy certain quantity, but that's the normal.

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Yes, after talk to them yesterday I got confirmation. Everything is ok for now.

I'm not fat, I'm easy to see