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[Sticky] What is ExoTv?

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ExoTv is an application for Exodux Android TV Boxes.

It is a client for IPTV middleware pannels as stalker and xtream.

By using ExoTv, you can provide a nice and modern UI to your customers.


What Middleware panels are supported?

Stalker, XtreamUI, Streaminy should work. We will have a test before send you an APP demo.

Is ExoTV free of charge?

ExoTV is developed for Exodux boxes. It will be provided for free to companies who are our customers or for testing porposes.

Do I have to pay for a demo?

No, contact us anytime for a request. Anyway, it is convenient to get an Exodux box sample because ExoTV is optimized for our platform (and our prices are really nice, let's say it too).

How do I request an APP demo?

Please, visit contact us page.

Can I use ExoTV with a TV Box from another brand?

You can use it for testing porpose if needed. But for production it will be allowed only together with Exodux boxes.

Don't fear and check out Exodux prices, our cost / effective ratio is one of the best in the world!

Where is your company located?

As most of technological corporations, we are in Shenzhen, China.

Which Android player is ExoTV using?

We are developing with EXOPLAYER. It is supported by Google and used by the biggest companies as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

Does it support subtitles?

Yes, ExoTV is supporting multilingual subtitles. The user can choose between available languages by a easy to use menu while watching at the video.

Is my portal URL exposed or end users can modify it?

Your portal's URL is hardcoded in order to protect your IPTV business. End users can't set the URL to another provider.

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